Do I dare?

You see, she is our mind,
our soul. Psyche.
But him, he is a rascal
on wings, a seducer.
They are both beautiful
of course. Perfect, one could say.
And yet…

Do I dare?
Do I dare reach out
just a little further?
She is so close
I can taste her lips
My arms around her
(x marks the spot)
hers around me.
She is so close
I can hear the drumroll.

And indeed she was.
She still is, still perfect
and perfectly still.
The mortal and the marble no longer
at strife.

Do I dare?
Do I dare give in
let him have me
let him love me?
I can feel his touch
the scent of his hair
and skin – and wings.
Oh, just a little further…

…and cut.

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