Lines Before (the) Air

‘…ready for inspection’
crackles the voice from the speaker.
‘I can’t get to sleep’
hums the voice in my head,
‘I think about the implications’
It was a show on television
Or a guy with a guitar
..on television. In a show.
From a land down under,
a man at work.
Does everyone here let their mind wander?
There’s the family with kids
The babies with the bibs
The hen do group, all in pink,
average age: forty-two (I think)
the travelling couple, lost in each other
the teenage girl, who looks like her mother
a whole row of people reading The Times
(This is new, I’m using rhymes!)
‘…documents ready for inspection’
We’re all borderers. On the brink
on the edge. Ready to go.
‘I think about the implications’
It’s a gorgeous Saturday morning.
It is a gorgeous Saturday morning.
Where are we going?

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