Have you ever considered
whether rain purifies us
or just smudges our facade?

The social make-up
starts to dribble and drip
as the sky drops down.

A boom, a crash – enter rain.

Angels of it, and lightning.
A host of cats, and dogs,
and of course
the occasional poodle.

Torrential wall of vertical water
ever flowing, almost flying.

The skin is ready to drink up
soak up, even drown
in the sideways river.
You just open
your arms wide
and embrace the fullness of the sky.

Or, from inside
you can hear the pitter-patter;
see the pattern on the glass,
Incy-Wincy climbing, or attempting
up that bloody spout.

Have you ever stopped and..
just stop.
And look.
And wonder
about the wonders of the rain.

(With thanks to MD)

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