October Lies

I respect the mind’s power
Over the body, she said.
But think of me: two minds,
One body. Souls intertwined.
One body two minds.
Twisted. Bent.
Corrupted from within.

A mirror, perhaps? The body
Is just a mirror
Of tissue, skin, flesh.
As mirrors they reflect.
As mirrors they blacken.
As mirrors they corrupt.
As mirrors they shatter.

Hurt. Throb.
Pulse. Beat.
Can’t help it. Can’t stop it.
No self-control.
Burning inside, tearing apart.
Cracking this meat cage.
Longing, yearning, craving for freedom
Of the mind, of the soul.
The beast within we all
Fear, the creature we all
Our mind.

I respect the mind’s power
over the body, he said.
Teeth sink deep
In the flesh.
Pulse. Throb.

Be my guest,
Help yourself.
Don’t forget your power
Over me
Once I’m gone.
Don’t forget
You are the mind.
I am just
A body.
I am
Am I?

(This one was hiding in the old Corner)

Published in The Scribe: November 2010 ‘Baring All’

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